Festival of Steam in Second Life

Second Life ist schon oft tot gesagt worden, aber Totgesagte leben länger und so hat sich die Hoffnung auf eine virtuelle Welt Anfang des Jahrtausends zu einem regen Treffpunkt für Kulturschaffende entwickelt. Es vergeht kaum ein Tag an dem es keine Lesungen, Konzerte oder andere Kunst in Second Life gibt. Da darf Steampunk natürlich nicht fehlen, daher findet vom 1.3.-7.3. 2013 das Festival of Steam in Second Life statt , das Künstler, Musiker und Autoren aus dem Steampunk-Genre für eine ganze Woche versammelt und jeden Abend ein anderes interessantes Programm bietet. Neben Sean O’Connel, Merlin Thomas und Karsten Kruschel wird auch yours truly eine Lesung geben.

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  • Due to triangulated confirmation, Second Life Venues (SLV) does not endorse the Fest of Steam beginning this weekend. Three separate sources have had issues with the organizers of the „fest.“

    The discouraging news includes one of the original organizers apparently leaving and making her own plans for a Steampunk event in April. There are accusations of repeated borrowing from another producer of concert formats and other media events. And the initial bill of artists was shockingly identical to a third venue’s bookings over the past weeks including booking an additional act within hours of it being announce at the original venue.


  • Hello,

    I’m the original organizer you referred to in your comment about the Festival of Steam, the one that left the festival. I would like to clarify a few points; yes, I did leave the festival because of some internal troubles I had with one of the other organizers.
    I then decided to make another Festival, or more accurately an Expo. Which has a greater focus on the inventors, engineers, builders work and do this in an more Anglo-Saxon manner.
    For some reason, it looked like two artist played on the Festival of Steam and on the opening of my Steampunk Pub [The Morlock’s Revenge] at the same time.
    But to read now, that someone says that the Festival of Steam copied the list of artists from another Festival, that’s as far as I know is incorrect; however, if it is the case, I would like to know the name of this event. I was personally not much involved in the booking of the music artists, but I can say for sure that neither Jordan Reyne, Agustin Braham nor Deceptions Digital performed at another festival in any order.
    So dear Jennifer, please tell me/us which festival you mean, from which the Festival of Steam supposedly copied.