Der schlechteste SF-Roman des 19. Jahrhunderts

Der io9-Autor Jess Nevins hat mal wieder eine echte Perle des 19.Jahrhunderts ausgegraben, diesmal allerdings auf der negativen Scala. Neben H.G. Wells und Jules Verne, gab es auch viele andere Autoren, die sich an fantastische Literatur versucht haben. Mit deutlich weniger Erfolg und Talent.

Alleine der Titel des Romans von Simon Mohler Landis „An Entirely New Feature of a Thrilling Novel! Entitled the Social War of the Year 1900, or Conspirators and Lovers. A Lesson for Saints and Sinners.“ ist schon beeindruckend (inklusive eines ! darin).

Ein kleiner Ausschnitt zeigt die Qualitäten des Autors (und seine Liebe zum Semikolon):

The horses ran furiously away; Victor sprang back to the coach, and with the strength of a giant rolled the equipage aside, which relieved the sire; but, Oh! Horror, there was the most gloriously beautiful daughter, for whom the sire prayed for a safe deliverance, dead to all appearances; quickly Victor Juno raised her to his arms, and being a physician, took a small vial from his pocket, and placed to her lips a few drops of unfermented vegetable liquid, which immediately caused slight signs of life!

„Sire,“ cried Victor Juno, „shall I take the liberty to do my utmost-I am a physician-to restore your daughter?“

„Ten thousand dollars and an everlasting indebtedness to you, sir, for her restoration,“ responded the old gentleman.

„I’ll safe her without dollars or indebtedness, or I am not a normal Naturalist,“ ejaculated Victor Juno.

The hero now speedily removes the jewels, satins and silks from her swan-like neck and Venus chest, and applies his powerfully magnetic hand upon the nape of the neck, and centring his giant will into his fingers, sends messengers of grace to the nervous centre of the prostrate form of the loveliest of her kind, and in a moment Miss Lucinda Armington opened her eyes, and gave a benignant look into the fiery and heaven-inspired eyes of our hero; and thus the life of the one became the joy and resurrection of the other.

Auf io9 wird der Roman sehr genüsslich und mit viel Sachverstand zerpflückt: The Worst Science Fiction Novel of the 19th Century

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