Im Haus des Gentleman

Das sehr empfehlenswerte Blog The Cat’s Meat Shop stellt anhand des Buchs „The Gentleman’s House“ (1871) von Robert Kerr, die wichtigsten Räume eines Anwesens vor. Darunter ach der Gentlemen’s Odd Room:


In the country more especially, the young gentlemen of the house may find themselves very much at a loss sometimes for an informal place in which „to do as they like.“ In one corner there may be a work-bench and tool-chest; over the mantelpiece there may be foils and dumb-bells; the fireside may be dedicated to the cigar, very properly forbidden elsehwere; there may be a lathe in another corner; in a closet, out of harm’s way, there may be an electrical machine and half a dozen things of the sort; while in a plain cabinet at the end of the room there may be deposited collections, prepared and unprepared, botanical, entomological, mineralogical, &c. &c. &c. There seems no reason why, in a large house, there should not be one room more on this account.